Catering Trays To Go

Order To Go Trays! 

Sandwiches, Salad Bowls, Taco or Lettuce Wraps,

Dips with Crudités, Finger Food or Charcuterie Boards

Please give us 4-5 day Notice

 Prepared trays come covered for easy transport and storage!👏

15% Gratuity added to orders- Thank You!

Sandwich Trays


15-18 sandwiches

With Grapes

One Variety or Mixed

Also Available on Gluten free. Breads

-Turkey Pesto Fresh Mozzerella on Ciabatta

-Chicken Chipotle Mayo Colby on Jalpeno Cheddar Bread

-Tarragon Chicken Salad on Criossants

-Ham Smoked Cheddar with Apricot Preserve on Hawaiian Rolls 

-Pretzel Buns with Ham Or Turkey Garlic Mustard Aioli & Swiss

​Tea Sandwich Trays $45

24 Sandwich Rounds

Cucumber Chive Cream Cheese

Cucumber Cream Salmon

Marble Rye Rounds

24 Sandwich Triangles

Pimento Cheese

Brie Walnut & Plum

Pillow White Bread Triangles

36 Sandwich Planks

Ham Swiss Mustard

Egg Mayo

Rosemary Bread Planks

Also Available in Gluten Free Breads

Taco Boats


24  Mini Boats

15 Larger Boats

Add Salsa $5.00

-Chipotle Chicken

-Chicken Steak Fajita

-Turkey/Beef Taco

- Chili Lime Shrimp

-Sweet Potato Black Bean

Lettuce Wraps

$60 (2 Fillings)

$30 (1 Filling)

With Lettuce Wraps

- Tarragon Chicken Salad

-Tuna Salad

-Turkey Taco

- Pork or Shrimp Eggroll

 -Sweet Potato Black Bean

 Chicken Salads

-Tarragon Chicken

-Chipotle Chicken

-Basil Pesto Chicken

$8.50 Pt

$25.50 Party (4-6)

$50 Large (8-10)

$200 Event (25-30)

​Filled Large ​Wonton Chicken Salad Trays 

       $45 /12 or $3.50 each

Filled Avocado Cups

(10-12 Halves)

$45 Tray 

-Chipotle Chicken Salad

-Tuna Salad

-Turkey Taco

-Mango Black Bean

Green Salads

Single $7.75

 Party $15 (2-3)

Large $30 (6-8)

Event Size Bowl $95 (25-30)

Green Salads 

-Tangerine Beet

-Chopped Mediterranean 

-Stawberry Spinach Cucumber 

-Stone Fruits

(Peach Nectarine Cherries)

- Summer Berries 

Side Deli Salads 

All Dairy & Gluten Free

$6.75 Single $13.50 Party(2-3) 

$30 Large (6-8)

$95 Event Size (25-30)

-Balsamic Broccoli 

Smoked Almond Apricot

-Texas Caviar

Corn Pepper Sweet Potato Black Bean

-Minty Lemon Quinoa Tabbouleh 

- Pesto Baby Potato Salad 

(Nut & Dairy Free)

-Sweet Potato Black Bean with Lime Dressing

Spiral Pasta & Veggie Salads

Balsamic Dressing

Pasta Availabke in Gluten Free

Dill & Chive Potato Salads

Party $18 (2-3)

Large $30 (6-8)

Event $95 (25-30)

Just Fruit! Bowls

Assorted Cubed Fruits - Melons, Berries

& Grapes​

$6.75 Pt

$13.50 Party (2-3)

$30 Large Bowl (8-10)

$95 Event Bowl (25-30)

Charcuterie Boards $45

Meat & Cheese, 

Just Cheese

 or Breakfast Boards

Serves 6-8

-Meat & Cheese Board-

3 Cheeses ( Harvarti, Cheddar, 

Smoked Cheddar, Goat or Blue) 

 2 Meats (Salami, Proscuitto, Turkey or Ham), Fresh Fruit & Vegetables 

 and Olives/Pickles

-Breakfast Board-

6 Croissants, Preserve/Honey Tangerines, Grapes, Apples or Pears

12 Mini Quiche

 (Spinach Feta Sweet Potato or 

 Broccoli Cheddar Tomato) 

-Just Cheese Board-

Cubed Cheeses With Grapes and Assortment of 

Cheddar, Smoked Cheddar, Jalapeño Cheddar, Pinot Cheddar Harvarti, Swiss

​​Smaller Trays 

“​Say Cheese​” Tray $20​​

Brie. Cheddars Boursin & Fruit

Charcuterie Mini Tins $8.75

24 for $200

Perfect Individual Size!

Regular: Fruit Honey Crackers Harvarti & ​ Smoked Cheddar Salami  

Dips & Crudites

Single $6.50

Party Bowl $13.50 (3-4)

Large Bowl $45 (8-10)

Party Tray $45 

With Party size Bowl & Vegetable Crudités 

Individual Appetizer Glasses $2.50 Each

-Artichoke Spinach

- Pimento Cheese

- Cucumber Dill

- Jalapeño Lemon Chickpea Hummus

-Smokey Pumpkin Chickpea Hummus

-Cauliflower Lemon Hummus


Deviled Eggs $30/24

- Pickled Jalapeño

- Chive & Dill

- Smoked Salmon $36/24

Wontons $45

2 Dozen

Jalapeño Popper

Caesar Shrimp

Turkey Taco


Pimento & Pepper Jelly


Pomegranate Brie Fig Butter 

Apple Butter Cream Cheese

Empanadas ​$45 -2 Dozen

-Chipotle Chicken

-Turkey Cranberry Provolone 

-Smoked Salmon Cream Cheese

-Apple or Pumpkin Butter Cream Cheese