Catering Trays To Go

Order To Go Trays! 

Sandwiches, Salad Bowls, Taco or Lettuce Wraps,

Dips with Crudités, Finger Food or Charcuterie Boards

Please give us 4-5 day Notice

 Prepared trays come covered for easy transport and storage!👏

15% Gratuity added to orders- Thank You!

Sandwich Trays

$75 feeds (8-10)

24 Half Sandwiches 

With Grapes

One Variety or Mixed

Also Available on Gluten free. Breads

-Turkey Pesto Fresh Mozzerella on Ciabatta

-Chicken Chipotle Mayo Colby on Jalpeno Cheddar Bread

-Tarragon Chicken Salad on Criossants

-Ham Smoked Cheddar with Apricot Preserve on Hawaiian Rolls 

-Pretzel Buns with Ham Or Turkey Garlic Mustard Aioli & Swiss

Taco Boats


Feeds (8-10)

24 Boats

With Salsa

-Chipotle Chicken

-Turkey Taco

- Chili Lime Shrimp

-Steak Fajita

-BBQ Shaved Pork 

-Sweet Potato Black Bean

Lettuce Wraps

$75 (2 Filiings)

Feeds 8-10

$45 ( 1 Filling)

Feeds 4-6

- Tarragon Chicken Salad

-Tuna Salad

-Turkey Taco

- Pork or Shrimp Eggroll

 -Sweet Potato Black Bean

Filled Avocado Cups

 (8 Halves)

$45 Tray 

-Chipotle Chicken Salad

-Tuna Salad

-Turkey Taco

-Mango Black Bean


Single $7.50  Party 3-4 $25

Large $40 (6-9)

Event $75 (15-20)

add Chicken $1.50pp

Green Salads 

-Tangerine Beet Feta 

-Chopped Mediterranean 

-Stawberry Spinach Cucumber 

-Asian Cabbage Citrus & Almonds

Side Deli Salads 

All Dairy Free

$6 Single Pt  $18 (2-3) $25 (4-6)

-Balsamic Broccoli 

Smoked Almond Apricot

-Texas Caviar

-Minty Quinoa Tabbouleh 

- Pesto Baby Potato Salad 

(Nut Free)

- Four Bean Salad

Charcuterie Boards

$75 Meat & Cheese

 or Breakfast Boards

Feeds (6-9)

-Meat & Cheese Board-

3 Cheeses, Preserve/Mustard, Crackers or Cocktail Bread 

 2 Meats (Salami, Proscuitto, Turkey or Ham), Fresh Fruit& Vegetables , Cookies/Nuts and Olives/Pickles

-Breakfast Board-

12 Croissants, Preserve,Tangerines & Grapes, 

12 Mini Quiche

 (Spinach Feta Sweet Potato or Bacon Broccoli Cheddar) 

or 12 Empanadas

 (Smoked Salmon Chive Cream Cheese, Bacon Egg Cheddar

Charcuterie Minis $8.50​

24 for $200

Perfect Individual Size!

Regular: Berry Jam GF Crackers Brie/ Goat Cheese​ Smoked Cheddar Salami Pickles & Olives 

​“Weekend” Charcuterie​ Tray​ $45

​Feeds 4-6

Salami, Prosciutto, Veggies,  3 Cheeses, Preserve, Fresh Fruits  (each tray varies)

Dips & Crudites

Single $6

Party $18 (2-3)

Event Sized


Feeds (6-9)


Feeds (12-15)

With Vegetables and Crackers 

-Artichoke Spinach

-Brie Tomato Pesto

- Pimento Cheese

- Jalapeño Lemon Chickpea Hummus

-Smokey Pumpkin Chickpea Hummus

-Cauliflower Lemon Hummus


Wontons $45

2 Dozen

Jalapeño Popper

Caesar Shrimp

Turkey Taco


Pimento pepper jelly

Pomegranate Brie Fig Butter 

Apple Butter Cream Cheese


$45 2 Dozen 

-Chipotle Chicken

-Turkey Cranberry Provolone 

-Smoked Salmon Cream Cheese

-Apple or Pumpkin Butter Cream Cheese