Lunchbox Catering

Order Boxed Lunch for your next Business Event or Special Occassion!

Sandwiches, Bento Boxes, Avocado Salads

Please give us 4-5 day Notice

Individually Boxed 👏 

15% Gratuity added to orders- Thank You!

Sandwich Boxes

$8.75 each  20/$170.00

-Turkey Pesto Fresh Mozzerella on Ciabatta

-Chicken Chipotle Mayo Colby on Jalpeno Cheddar Bread

-Tarragon Chicken Salad on Criossants

-Ham Smoked Cheddar with Apricot Preserve on Hawaiian Rolls or Ancient Grain Bread

-Chicken Mayo on Raisin Bread

-Pimento Cheese on Pumpernickel Rye or Brioche Rolls

-Pretzel Buns with Ham Or Turkey Garlic Mustard Aioli & Swiss

-Pumpkin Bagel with Turkey Cranberry Provolone

🥪Also available in Gluten Free Breads

-Sandwiches prepared with 

Avocado Oil Mayonnaise &

Nitrate Free Meats 

-Boxes come with vegetable/fruit side

Sandwich & Side Salad Box $11.25

(Pick from Salads below)

🥑See “Catering Tray to Go” 

for Platter options 

Bento Boxes

$8.75 each  20/$170.00

”Tuscan” Turkey Goat Cheese Peppers. Artichoke Dip Zucchini Rounds

“Salmon” Smoked Salmon Cream Cheese  Dill Dip Cucumbers Boil Egg Wedges

“Pimento” Pimento Cheese Spread Broccoli Turkey Apple Slices 

“Hummus” Smokey Pumpkin Hummus Zucchini GF Pita Boil Egg Wedge

“Peanut Butter”  Havarti Cheese, Egg Wedge, Grapes & Celery Sticks

Avocado Filled Salads

$8.75 each. 20/$170.00

With Lettuce, Dressing and Tomatoes 

Chipotle Chicken Salad

Tuna Salad

Turkey Taco

Mango Black Bean

Green & Deli Salads

Side Salads

All Dairy & Gluten Free

$6.75 Single 16oz Tub

$13.50 Party (2-3)

$30 Large Bowl (6-8)

$95 Event Size Bowl (25-30)

 Sandwich & Salad Lunch Box $11.25 

Pick sandwich from above

Deli Salads

-Balsamic Broccoli with

Smoked Almond & Apricot

-Italian Pasta & Veggie Salad

(Also in GF Pasta)

- Just Fruit! Salad


Event. Catering

Let us deliver and set up for your next luncheon event!

Delivery  $25

With set up display $45