Have us cater your next event with a beautiful display of these Finger Appetizers!

 Also available in easy Party Trays To Go!

Tray Delivery & Decorator Services Available 

(includes decorative trays & florals)

Parties 2-100 $75

Parties  100-250 $150

Tray Delivery & Set Up only $45

15% Gratuity added to orders- Thank You!!




-Pimento Pepper Jelly

-Shrimp Cocktail

Or Caesar Salad



-Jalapeño Bacon Popper



-Smokey Chipotle Chicken

-Turkey Cranberry Provolone

-Ham Swiss Garlic Mustard

-Smoked Salmon Chive Cream Cheese

-Bacon Cheddar Egg

Wrapped or Stuffed

 Fruits & Veggies


Veggie Stuffed

-Blue Celery Stix

-Brie Pesto Tomatoes

-Hummus/Goat Cheese Peppers

-Crab Salad Cucumbers

-Pimento Cheese Zucchini Rounds

-Artichoke Spinach Mushrooms

Meat Wrapped

- Prosciutto wrapped Asparagus Pears or Melon

- Ham/ Turkey Apple Slices

-Capocollo Pea Pods

-Bacon wrapped Jalapeño, Brussel Sprouts or Mango



-Broccoli Bacon Cheddar

- Sweet Potato Spinach Feta

-Aspargus Ham Swiss

-All Veggie Feta

Dip & Crudites 

$2.50 Glass

$18 Sm Bowl serves (2-3)

$45LgBowl (6-9)

Party Size $65 (10-12)

-Artichoke Spinach

-Cucumber Dill

-Pimento Cheese

-Lemon Jalapeno Hummus

-Smokey Pumpkin Hummus

- Cauliflower Hummus

Salad Glasses  $2.50

-Caesar Salad with Parmesan Tuile

-Texas Caviar & Romaine Chopped Salad 

-Tangerine Beet & Greens Salad

Deviled Eggs


-Smoked Salmon Caper

- Pickled Jalapeño

- Bacon Scallion



-Parmesan Crisps

-Phyllo Cups

Pomegranate Brie

Cocktail Shrimp

Roast Balsamic Tomato

-Puff Pastry Tart Squares

Gruyere Truffle Mushroom

Asparagus English Pea

-Honey Goat Cheese Crostini

Proscuitto Apricot

Plum Tarragon

Fig Lemon Thyme

Pea Mint

Skewers $45/24

-Melon Ball Mozzerella Mint

​-Tomato Bocconcini Basil

-Blackberry Havarti Mango

-Pea Pod Dill Cheddar Apple

Parfait Glasses  $2.50

-Honey Vanilla Greek Yogurt Almonds & Berries

-Strawberries & Cream 

with Pound Cake


Vanilla Pudding Graham Cracker Chocolate Ganache

Charcuterie Boards

$75 Serves 6-9

-Meat & Cheese Board-

3 Cheeses, Preserve/Mustard, Crackers/Cocktail Bread

2 Meats (Salami, Pepperoni, Proscuitto, Turkey or Ham), Grapes, Seasonal Fruit and Vegetables Olives/Pickles

-Breakfast Board-

12 Croissants, Preserve, Tangerines & Grapes, 12 Mini Quiche (Spinach Feta Sweet Potato, Broccoli Bacon Cheddar )

 or Empanadas (Smoked Salmon Chive Cream Cheese, Turkey/Ham Cheddar)

For Larger Events

Customize Boards Available

 $7.50-10 pp

Also see “Catering Trays to go” menu