Thanksgiving Catering Menu

Order by 11/18

Brussel Bacon Gratin

Rich Cream, Aged Gruyere, Roast Garlic and Thyme Bake with Applewood Bacon And Organic Brussel Sprouts


Casserole Serves 8-10

Pomegranate Delicata Squash 


Delicata Squash Rings Roasted with Rosemary and Finished with an Aged Balsamic Reduction Drizzle,Pomegranate and Pumpkin Seeds


Casserole Serves 6-8

Butternut Squash Or  Cauliflower  Gratins

Rich Cream, Aged Gruyere Cheese, Roast Garlic and Thyme baked with Organic Buterrnut Squash or Organic Cauliflower 


Casseroles Serves 8-10

Fall Harvest

Charcuterie Board

Almond Shingled Pinecone Cheeseball, Salamis,Fresh and Dried Fruits, MarjiGee  Jam and Artisan Breads or Crackers ddd



Serves 8-10

Pumpkin Empanada Platter

Fig Honey Goat filled Pumpkin Shaped Empanadas 


A Dozen


Soups and Relish

Autumn Vegetable Soup

Butternut,Red Pepper,Kale, Rosemary

French Onion 

Lemon Thyme, Gruyere Baquette Topping

Butternut Bisque

Apple, Onion, Buterrnut, Smoked Almomd Topping

Cranberry Orange Compote

$6.00 Pt/ $12 Qt