Wedding Buffet Menu Options

Tuscan Buffet

Mains: $12pp

-Pesto or Marsala 

Pork Or Turkey Tenderloin 

-Chicken Alfredo

-Lemony Chicken Piccata

-Pesto/Caesar Salmon


-Mash Potato Bar- $5pp

Russet,Sweet Potato or Cauliflower Mash in Martini Glasses with toppings (Bacon, Cheese, Mushroom, Broccoli and Gravy)

Salads $3.50pp

-French Bistro Salad (Green Beans, Potato, Egg Wedges)

-Mediterranean Salad (Field Greens Olives, Peppers Artichoke)

-Vegetable Gratins $60 15-20pp


Brussel Bacon


-Pasta $60 15-20pp

Zucchini Noodle Jars Bar

Stuffed Spinach Ricotta Pasta Shells

-Charcuterie Boards


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